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Halluxvalgus how to treat it 1

Hallux valgus, how to treat it

Hallux valgus is a very common condition (1/3 of Italian women are affected), and it is not just a cosmetic problem.

It is due to a natural predisposition

It is due to a natural predisposition or to wearing uncomfortable footwear that is unsuitable for the foot (e.g., high heels or pointed shoes that constrict the first toes) or to trauma or injury to the foot.

In fact, hallux valgus is defined as the shift toward loutside of the base of theHallux and the deviation of the tip of thebig toe itself to the other fingers.

It should be treated because if neglected it can cause intense pain and limited ability to move the big toe; still, in severe cases, deviation of the first toe can lead to overlapping of the first toe with the second to disabling cases.

Symptoms differ from patient to patient (they also vary based on walking and posture) but generally there is swelling at the base of the big toe (onion), redness also around the big toe, and thickening of the skin.

Treatment is different for each person

Treatment is also different for each sufferer and according to severity and consequent pain.

In less severe cases, there will be “conservative” treatments such as bandages and wraps or separate toe pads and orthotics that keep the foot in a normal position, reducing stress on the big toe, properly distributing body weight, and relieving pain.

The doctor may also recommend the use of painkillers.

On the other hand, if walking is impaired, it will be necessary to surgical intervention, under local anesthesia, without the insertion of screws or nails and with the ability to walk immediately and recover foot function quickly.

Small drills are inserted into small holes to cause microfractures in the right places so that the bones can be realigned; these fractures are left free so that healing occurs according to the patient’s actual load.

After completion, a bandage is applied, which the patient must keep for about 20 days.

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