Vikvr Blog Coffee in the evening can you take it or not

Coffee in the evening can you take it or not

Coffee in the evening, can you take it or not?

Many people believe that drinking coffee at night is bad for them because it prevents them from sleeping well given the presence of caffeine. In fact, according to a survey done on some Italians, at least three out of ten people have trouble falling asleep after drinking a cup of coffee.

Coffee in the evening causes insomnia’insomnia?

Therefore, many people do not drink coffee beyond a certain time in the afternoon. Insomnia can indeed be caused by alcohol abuse or excitants (such as coffee, precisely) but it can also be due to other causes such as:

  • Taking medication over a long period of time;
  • depression or anxiety.

So, there is indeed a correlation between insomnia and coffee but it lies not so much in the fact that coffee is drunk before going to sleep as in the amount of coffee taken throughout the day. To understand how much caffeine you consume, it is not enough to count the number of cups you drink, because the caffeine contained in coffee differs from coffee to coffee (for example, Arabica coffee has an average amount compared to Robusta, which contains a much higher amount).

As a general rule, drinking coffee in the evening does not necessarily cause insomnia if during the day one has not taken in quantities exceeding five cups. This does not detract from the fact that many people are used to drinking even more than this amount without having problems falling asleep.

In addition to insomnia

In addition to insomnia, however, drinking lots of coffee (not necessarily before falling asleep) can cause other problems such as heartburn, tachycardia, hypertension, tremors, and excitability.

These same symptoms, can lead to the person experiencing them, being unable to fall asleep. So, ultimately, if one is not used to drinking coffee, it is better to avoid drinking it so as not to risk having difficulty falling asleep; on the other hand, those who drink it during the day should be careful about the amount taken because, if excessive, it can cause insomnia.

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