Vikvr Blog Gender dysphoria there are more than 4 thousand trans people

Gender dysphoria there are more than 4 thousand trans people

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Gender dysphoria, there are more than 4 thousand trans people In Italy: many difficulties to face

“In the clouds,” perhaps this is how people who are born into the gender other than the one they feel they belong to feel. Medically, gender dysphoria (DIG) is a condition of great distress because it is the whole identity that is questioned and with it family, friendship, work and casual relationships.

“These are people who express a global request for help,” explains Piernicola Garofalo, President AME ONLUS, Association of Medical Endocrinologists, and they need not only medical intervention but overall guidance support. One only has to think about what is involved in changing one’s body to understand the depth and meanings of a pharmacological and/or surgical intervention that involves the very soul of the person.

To cope also with the complexity of interventions that this condition requires, the AME, Association of Medical Endocrinologists, creates a working group that aims to foster training in the specific field by promoting meetings to support and orient people with DIG.

The group also aims to create an expert endocrinological network on the national territory, with at least one center per region, that can give answers based on the most advanced experiences on our territory, prepare shared guidelines, recommendations on treatments and be able to be a reference point for people who have difficulties in finding centers and facilities able to propose appropriate interventions.”.

“And just tomorrow, explains Stefania Bonadonna, AME Contact Person for the Lombardy Region, in Milan, the photographic exhibition “Tra le nuvole” will be inaugurated at the House of Rights in Milan with the support of the Municipality of Milan, to which AME ONLUS has been invited as a recognition for its professional commitment to Lgbt people. “‘In the Clouds’ is a photographic project that tells the story of transsexualism through portraits of ten models who tell their stories and their journey in an artistic and ironic way.”.

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