Vikvr Blog Lazio Region – Zingaretti 4.2 million euros for new linear accelerator

Lazio Region – Zingaretti 4.2 million euros for new linear accelerator

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Lazio Region – Zingaretti: “4.2 million euros for new linear accelerator”

The Latium Regional Council approved the resolution funding the purchase of a state-of-the-art linear accelerator for the Policlinico Umberto I in the amount of 4 million 200 thousand euros. Amount includes expenses for the complementary equipment and building equipment necessary for the proper installation of the machinery. The purchase of the new equipment was necessary and urgent because of the three linear accelerators currently available at Umberto I for the treatment of oncological pathologies, one is out of use and the other two, which were acquired more recently, are now at the end of their cycle and in need of continuous maintenance.

This penalizes the operation of the oncology department of the imaging department and limits radiotherapy treatments for patients. With the resolution, the Regional Council responds in a timely manner to a need highlighted by the Azienda. The Regional Technical Evaluation Board, after verifying the necessity of the implantation for care purposes and the scientific evidence of the required supports, i.e., dosimetry systems, the “record” system&verify,” four treatment floors, the external IGRT system and the work on the accommodation of the rooms intended to house the machine, authorized the expenditure.

Subsequent disbursement of funds will take place, upon approval of the executive project by determination of the Regional Director and after acquiring the favorable opinion of the Regional Evaluation Board.

“The acquisition of the new machine for the oncology department at Umberto I – explains the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingarettishows that restoring the accounts is not a matter of notarization but an essential step in order to be able to reprogram the future of regional healthcare. We can now begin to make major investments in essential technologies to meet the needs of the Companies and citizens. We intervened in this regard at Latina in recent months by authorizing the acquisition of a new linear accelerator there as well to replace the old and shabby one.

We now do this for Umberto I. Currently, one of the hospital’s linear accelerators is totally out of use, the new one is going to replace it, handing back to a department of excellence the total operational capacity regarding the care and radiotherapy treatments to patients with oncological pathologies.”.

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