Vikvr Blog Frosinone – Asl Ottaviani Hands off Pediatrics.

Frosinone – Asl Ottaviani Hands off Pediatrics.

Frosinone – Asl, Ottaviani: “Hands off Pediatrics”

“Regarding the stances taken by doctors in the pediatrics department of the Spaziani hospital in the capital city, – said Mayor Nicola Ottaviani – it is to be hoped that these are merely concerns, combined with the growing unease over the shortage of staff and technical instruments available. If, then, someone was thinking of transferring the Pediatrics department elsewhere, forcing the population to endure new travails and daily, post-partum moves, with exponential increases in health risk for operators and patients, then we would be looking at yet another debacle of the’administration of health policy in our territory.

A corporate act was voted on that is currently in effect, which provides for the retention on the capitol of Pediatrics and Neonatology, along with Gynecology. Any other decision would be illegitimate and even unlawful, causing harm to the users and the professionals engaged on the front line, in exhausting shifts. We will be constantly vigilant to prevent any hypothesis of “theft by stealth” taking, if not, all the initiatives that may be deemed appropriate.”

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