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IVF how to access in vitro fertilization

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IVF, how to access in vitro fertilization

According to the World Health Organization‘s definition, infertility means the absence of conception after 12 to 24 months of targeted, unprotected intercourse.

Various examinations and tests

In order to have a diagnosis of infertility, it is necessary for the woman and the man to undergo several examinations and tests (such as ultrasonography of the ovaries for the woman and examination of the seminal fluid and sperm culture for the man) .

Diagnosis is very difficult to accept but fortunately, thanks to the evolution of increasingly effective techniques and treatments, there is a high probability of becoming a parent for anyone who wishes to do so, if the right paths, such as IVF, are taken, in vitro fertilization.

With IVF, the union of the egg with the sperm (from the donor or spouse) is performed in the laboratory (in vitro) to obtain already fertilized embryos to be transferred into the mother’s uterus.

In vitro fertilization is recommended for women:

  • Who have already carried out several first-level inseminations without success
  • With severe endometriosis, tubal disease or low oocyte quality
  • Of a certain age who have low-quality eggs
  • With pathologies or absence of the tubes

Or for couples in which the man has low sperm quality.

In Italy there are several facilities that offer IVF treatments.

To find out the one closest to your town, you can consult the National registry of medically assisted procreation.

To choose the best center, one can refer to several factors such as:

  • number of cycles done in a year
  • number of pregnancies achieved per cycle and per transfer
  • number of babies born alive

Another factor to consider is the waiting list: In a public facility, the time frame could be longer than in a private facility.

Where, however, in a private facility the costs for one cycle are higher (and eventually there will be a need to do more cycles if the first attempt unfortunately goes wrong).

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