Vikvr Blog Back pain: what it is caused by and what sports should be avoided

Back pain: what it is caused by and what sports should be avoided

Back pain: what it is caused by and what sports should be avoided post thumbnail image

Back pain: what it is caused by and which sports should be avoided

Those who suffer from back pain is faced with localized or radiating pain that, in severe cases, can go so far as to impair the individual’s mental and physical well-being, Reducing its ability to move And making even the simplest gestures complex and painful.

To find relief from pain, one can resort to products for self-medication’self-medication which offer quick relief and give a few hours of serenity; since these products treat the symptom, but do not cure the root problem, it is necessary, should the problem occur frequently, consult your primary care physician to learn how to use Dicloreum foam for back pain or other similar product in conjunction with targeted care capable of intervening on the triggers.

Provided that the doctor, after medical history and appropriate examinations, does not categorically advise against it, the movement, combined with one healthy lifestyle, Can help prevent back pain caused by sitting and poor posture, as well as muscle weakness. However, there are certain sports that can worsen the problem by promoting the appearance of pain in one of the areas of the spine.

Causes of back pain

The causes of back pain are numerous, and only a specialist can pinpoint the root cause with certainty and provide the right solution to the problem. In general, however, it is possible to identify the main causes of this type of pain, some of which arise from incorrect lifestyles and others from various diseases and illnesses.

The first group includes:

  • incorrect postures maintained for a long time: this cause is widespread among both those who spend several hours standing and those who perform office work, sitting for long periods of time in front of a terminal;
  • Excessive sedentariness: a sedentary lifestyle weakens the muscles and promotes the’onset of pain in the back and other areas of the body;
  • overweight: the’excess weight causes compression of the intervertebral discs and requires more effort from the back muscles to maintain posture or make movements;
  • lifting heavy loads: heavy lifting, especially when done incorrectly, promotes the onset of inflammation and pain.

Diseases and conditions that can present as symptoms of back pain include the following hernias, l’arthritis, l’osteoporosis, tendonitis and many other.

Sports and back pain

As we have said, doing some movement, unless it is expressly forbidden by the treating physician, can help prevent the onset of back pain’s. However, not all physical activities are recommended, especially if you have already experienced back pain and are prone to this type of problem. In particular, sports that cause excessive stress to the area of the back in which pain is most frequently felt should be avoided or limited, and especially those that involve the lifting weights.

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