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Hair loss what it depends on

Hair loss, what it depends on

The problem of hair loss afflicts so many people and especially so many women.

What this phenomenon depends on?

It can be a very annoying transient phenomenon and occurs mostly in autumn or spring (in fact, it is quite normal for it to happen during these periods).

More causes of hair loss are:

  • treatments with aggressive cosmetics
  • frequent washing with inappropriate shampoos
  • change of season
  • air pollution
  • stress
  • hormonal changes or imbalances (e.g., a drop in estrogen in women or after pregnancy or due to menopause)
  • heredity
  • drastic diets
  • anorexia and bulimia
  • hair diseases (seborrhea)
  • Vitamin A or zinc deficiency
  • vitiligo
  • anemia
  • diabetes
  • thyroid or liver dysfunction
  • Some medications (e.g., chemotherapy).

On average, a person loses 40 to 120 hairs per day (and this is still something within the normal range, although it is a purely indicative figure).

Of course, the precise number of hairs lost will vary depending on gender, the amount of bulbs on the scalp, the person’s health status, whether there are nutritional deficiencies, and each person’s hair hygiene habits.

When it becomes excessive

If, however, the hair loss becomes even more excessive, this will obviously represent an abnormal phenomenon and a real pathology and it will be better to consult a doctor who can recommend a specialist examination (trichological) or to analyze everything with a trichogram.

For some diseases (e.g., alopecia), unfortunately, there is no remedy, but for simple hair loss we can instead think of ways to prevent it:

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