Vikvr Blog Civitavecchia – World Autism Day, USL RM F in the forefront

Civitavecchia – World Autism Day, USL RM F in the forefront

Civitavecchia – World Autism Day, USL RM F in the forefront

Thursday, April 2 marks World Autism Day, established in 2007 by the UN, and initiatives are planned around the world promoted to raise awareness of this particular condition, support those who suffer from it and encourage the development of new knowledge and treatment methodologies.

L’Azienda USL RM F, On the front lines for years for the autistic issue thanks to the’establishment of the “Observatory on autism’autism and ADHD“, directed with passion by Dr. Maurizio Munelli, organizes all year round events, training events and projects to promote the diagnosis, treatment, social inclusion’and rehabilitation of those who experience this issue.

In this regard, for the year 2015, the Company is implementing, also thanks to the valuable contribution of the CARICIV Foundation, the Project of Activation of an Outpatient Clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD for the entire Company, at the TSMREE of District F1 – Civitavecchia.

It&#8217s a Project that promotes social and labor inclusion, within which, a young man with autism, will be engaged in the editorial staff with the Roma F Press Office, to produce a WEB newsletter dedicated to the world of autism, which will be published on the institutional website of the ASL ROMA F.

This initiative turns out to be pioneering in its field as, for the first time a boy, that has this type of problem, is committed to communicating information available on the network and scientific sites, as well as events and data, curiosities , activities of institutions and services dedicated to them, in a public health facility.

It is also worth mentioning the activities carried out in the past year by the’Autism Observatory, which organized conferences aimed at raising awareness of the condition, often sponsored by the CARICIV Foundation attended by distinguished figures from academia and research, as well as associations of family members and school operators.

Another element that should not be overlooked is the training and’professional updating of the Company&#8217s health workers through didactic courses, related to Teaching and Parent Training in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Last but not least, Through the networking that is implemented on the’entire territory, it was also possible to carry out fundraising through various ways: with ‘dedicated piggy banks’ in various municipalities in the area, with theatrical events thanks to the contribution by CARITAS and the “Blue in The Face Association” through theatrical performances whose proceeds were donated, and with the ’Monti della Tolfa Ecomarathon in which the A.S.D. Running Group “L’AIRONE” sponsored the voluntary contribution in favor of the’ “Observatory on Autism and ADHD,” giving visibility precisely through the sports event.

In addition, there is further good news coming from the Italian Parliament: only a few days ago, in fact, the Senate Committee on Hygiene and Health unanimously approved the bill (DDL) N. 344 in the field of autism, including autism and related pathologies in the National Essential Levels of Care; the event, in addition to representing a turning point, so to speak, epochal in the approach to the disease, is important because the approval took place in the legislature and therefore does not need to being rediscussed in the plenary session of the courtroom.

This new law introduces the issue of autism within regional policies, in the field of health as stated in Art. 3 paragraph 1: “… through the’updating of the essential levels of care (LEA), with the’inclusion, as far as autism spectrum disorders are concerned, of the services of early diagnosis, care and individualized treatment, through the’use of methods and tools based on the advanced scientific evidence available.”.

“It’s a path that is being strengthened – commented ASL ROMA F General Director Giuseppe Quintavalle, who of the’Observatory was also the founder – and to which the law now gives dignity and relevance. We hope that our work, in which we have believed and continue to engage, and which is so decisive for so many families, will have from the Lazio Region the possibility to grow further and become structurally adequate to the needs of the territory.”

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