L’current administration sent a reminder letter to the regional funding the’May 8, 2012. The response of the guarantor of water service è arrived after a month asking the municipality to be part of the’ATO 2 and then to hand over the water service to ACEA (contrary to the results of the referendum: ACEA should change its statute while instead it continues to be a SPA under private law and not implementing the planned investment plans). However, verbally the region assures that with the’Budget settlement will be found funding for sewage treatment plants – dearsenification (remember that alreadyà l’ass.regional king Mattei in 2011, to the’start of the election campaign in Anguillara, had promised funding by the end of the same year). Occorrà to provide funding from the municipal budget and by the end of 2012 to have at least the design of the sewage treatment plants to avoid penalties.

Recall, moreover, that Anguillara cannotò benefit from some waivers, becauseé not required by previous administrations.

Some food for thought:

  • The cottages of the’water were to be an emergency intervention, by then the è for a year that have been the’only solution with several operational problems as reported by several citizens. ABC alreadyà Last July he was quick to denounce how the cottages were only a palliative.
  • The funding prompt è it was only sent in May 2012, when it was already knownà for a year of the problem, and that we could not be satisfied with just words (in the February 2012 city council meeting l’administration had alreadyà informed on verbal promises from the region).
  • L’non-potable ordinanceà By means of yellowish, small-print posters posted in metà May, highlights the’hypocrisy of the’administration that does not clearly communicate the’impossibilityà to meet a fundamental right of citizens.
  • L’opposition is calling for a 50 percent reduction in bills, but it could take action with its political contacts in the region to obtain the promised funding (così as granted to other Latium municipalities). Although this should not depend on favors and good party relations but on respecting the right of citizens.
  • The region plays dirty by blackmailing the municipality so that it cané pass the water service to Acea to get funding, when instead the referendum result must be respected.

If things are to be effectively changed, all that is left is a strong and uncompromising citizen protest against elected officials who do not enforce the right. Complaints could be made, the municipality would be forced to bring in tanker trucks, and perhaps only then would citizens understand that to obtain a right è indispensable l’commitment of everyone without delegating the fight for essential rights to others.


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