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Halluxvalgus what it depends on

Halluxvalgus, what it depends on

L’halluxvalgus is a real pathology, not just a cosmetic blemish. It is a deformity of the first toe that appears laterally deviated toward the other toes.

The patient complains of pain and as first symptoms may arise:

  • The “onion,” or a bump that indicates a very painful’inflammation (which tends to worsen with rubbing the shoe)
  • redness around the big toe
  • thickening of the skin
  • changes in the physiognomy of the foot
  • a consistent difficulty in walking

Everyone can suffer from hallux valgus, but it is estimated that women, in mature or senile age, are mostly affected.

Halluxvalgus depends on:

  • congenital causes, such as those who have other alterations from birth (such as flat feet) or by heredity
  • Acquired or secondary causes: thus, for example, wearing shoes inappropriate to the physiognomy of the foot (shoes with narrow toes, too small or high heels)
  • Suffer from other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout

For milder cases, under the doctor’s advice, a “conservative” treatment To relieve symptoms, regress deformity and improve the aesthetic appearance of the foot.

Then it is ice packs, choosing better footwear, using custom orthotics or orthotics, physiotherapy, resorting to bandages and wraps or toe separator pads.

The doctor may also recommend the use of painkillers.

If it is instead impaired walking, will need to be operated on surgically, under local anesthesia, without the insertion of screws or nails and with the ability to walk immediately and recover foot function quickly.

Small burs are inserted into small holes to cause microfractures in the right places so that the bones can be realigned; these fractures are left free to make healing occur according to the patient’s actual load.

At the end, a bandage will be made that the patient will have to keep for about 20 days.

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