The government is preparing to drastically change regulations on the protection of the public from radiofrequency and microwave electromagnetic fields through the decree on economic development. This would save the future of Vatican Radio and allow mobile phone and broadcasting operators to greatly increase electromagnetic emissions. We ask the associations and committees for the protection of health and the’environment to take action in all possible civil fora so that theé this new attack on public health, after the one foiled thanks to the cancellation of nuclear power by referendum, may be thwarted by the.

E’ own soì: In the draft of the legislative decree on economic development prepared by the government, published yesterday, there appears a paragraph (pages 33-35) dedicated to the levels of electromagnetic field generated by radio and radio broadcasting stations, radio base stations for mobile telephony and radio links. Ultimately, from all stationary sources of radio frequency and microwave electromagnetic fields used for telecommunications and broadcasting.

According to that draft l’current attention limit of 6 volts/meter for the’exposure of the population to electromagnetic fields generated by those sources that, according to the’current DPCM July 8, 2003, must be respected in all places where human permanence è not less than 4 hours daily, will beà applicable only to the’interior of buildings, excluding outdoor appurtenances such as terraces, balconies, courtyards and solar slabs.

In addition, that draft stipulates that in the aforementioned outdoor appurtenances and intensively used open areas, the’current cautionary limit of 6 volts/meter shall not beà più be respected in any 6-minute interval, bensì as a daily average. This means that in these locations one will be able toà reach more than 3 to 10 times (i.eè from 20 V/m 60 V/m, as in the case of Vatican Radio), more than 3 times (20 V/m, as in the case of broadcasters and frequency-modulated radio stations) and more than 6 times (40 V/m, as in the case of radio links) the level permissible today and for a time far longer than the current 6 minutes.

All of usò represents a total disregard of the Italian government for:

  1. the scientific evidence that has emerged in Northern Rome and neighboring municipalities thanks to epidemiological research concerning the area around the Vatican Radio station in Santa Maria di Galeria, which has shown a higher incidence of leukemia and lymphoma in children (up to 4.7 and 6.9 times within 12 km compared to the expected value beyond 12 km, respectively, for children 0 to 14 years and 1 to 14 years) and a higher mortality rate in children aged 0 to 14 yearsà for leukemia for all agesà (up to 4.9 and 6.6 times, within 12 km and between 6 and 12 km, respectively, for più of 10 years of residence or forever for children, compared to those who live lì for no more than 1 year);
  2. The scientific evidence from epidemiological research recognized by the’World Health Organizationà which, through its Agency for Cancer Research, on May 31 announced in press release n. 208, to have included radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (particularly those emitted by cell phones, but the’physical agent è the same) among the possible carcinogens for the’man due to the’Increased risk of brain tumors such as glioma (+40% risk for using 30 minutes a day for at least 10 years).

The Italian government, instead of taking measures to protect the population in application of the Principle of Precaution, is going in the opposite direction, shortly allowing a sharp increase in the levels of residential exposure of the population to electromagnetic fields.

The Coordination of Committees of North Rome appeals to the associations and committees for the protection of health and the’environment, and to all public administrators who share our opposition to what is about to happen, to put in place every means of civil opposition up to and including a collection of signatures for a referendum to repeal this absurd new legislation should it be approved by the government and confirmed by Parliament.

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