Vikvr Blog Alatri – S Hospital Birthing House. Benedetto, first baby born

Alatri – S Hospital Birthing House. Benedetto, first baby born

Alatri – S Hospital Birthing House. Benedetto, first baby born post thumbnail image

Alatri – S Hospital birthing house. Benedict, first baby born

First, let’s make the heartfelt good wishes at new mother and baby, born tonight at the S Hospital Birthing Home. Benedict of Alatri. Births are finally back in Alatri! A event that all long overdue and hoped for, but which certainly leaves a certain bitterness in the mouth.

The perplexities are many, foremost among them is the bitter consideration that one year ago at the S. Benedict born 597 babies a year, about 1.5 children per day. Today Forty-five days from the’inauguration of the facility, only one child was born. If the trend is going to be this we will arrive at a maximum of 55 children a year.

Only one-tenth of births that they had in 2013.

Le mode furthermore with which the delivery seems to have taken place Are completely anomalous, definitely inconsistent with what was planned in the protocol of institution Of the Maternity Home. Indeed, it would seem that the planned on-call team dependent on the complex structure of Frosinone, has not been alerted. So much so that not only were the on-call midwives not present in force at the maternity home, But not even the gynecologist in charge.

Trusted staff was used for a birth played at home, to use a pun, with friendly audiences!

It also leaves puzzled by the timing with which everything took place: coincidentally, the night before the holding of the Assembly of Mayors for Health Care, convened at the request of the region to evaluate the achievement of the objectives given to the Managers. As a well-known statesman said “it is a sin to think wrong, but it is often a guess“.

If to this, albeit happy event, we add the strange promises who these days come to the mayors – the reopening of the operating rooms in Anagni or therecruitment of a physician in Sora – and vestry maneuvers that have been soiling the province’s first citizens for days, the picture is complete.

On today’s Assembly we report some salient and clear excerpts from the statement of the Mayor Morini addressed to fellow mayors: “not we can today make any judgment On the general manager’s achievement of goals. But not because we mayors are not capable of it, but because we were not the ones who assigned these goals, which only two days ago we got to know…I would like to invite my fellow mayors to not to be enchanted for the second time, although hastily and only in the last few hours have been realized unexpected and sudden openings of departments, installation of long-awaited physicians or inauguration of phantom health facilities, because it is just dust in the eyes: these are the usual maneuvers that reflect this Management’s habit of regaining efficiency and unsuspected decision-making ability as significant meetings of the Assembly of Mayors approach. If the things done and implemented in these hours were true and credible, they could have been done even earlier, and in times not suspected … For these reasons, based only on the results that unfortunately we have before our eyes, I ask you fellow mayors present to reject without fear and without doubt the work of the Director General.”

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